Alder (Bendula alnus)





The decoction of the dried bark is used to bathe swellings and inflammations, mainly of the mouth and throat.

The inner bark can be boiled in vinegar gives you a very useful wash to treat lice and a range of skin problems like scabs and scabies.

The liquid produced from inner bark can be used as a toothwash.

Alders's leaves are astrigent, galactogogue and vermifuge and can be used to help reduce breast engorgement in nursing mothers.

A decoction of the leaves is used in folk remedies for treating cancer of the breast, duodenum, oesophagus, face, pylorus, pancreas, rectum, throat, tongue, and uterus

You have to remember that fresh bark will cause vomiting and always use dried bark for all but emetic purposes. As well as you shold use the dried bark of young twigs as well as the inner bark of branches 2-3 year old.

The powdered bark and the leaves have been used as an internal astringent and tonic, whilst the bark has also been used as an internal and external haemostatic against haemorrhage.

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