Dog Rose/ Wild briar(Rosa canina)





The leaves and fruits of Wild briar have traditionally been used internally for colds & influenza, sore throat, minor infections, spasms, scurvy, diarrhea, gastritis, nephritis, cancer (kidney) and tumour (genital). They are also strengthening to the capillaries.

It is astringent, anti-diarrhoeic, diuretic, anti-scorbutic and anti-inflammatory.

Brier hips are particularly beneficial for the digestive apparatus and produce a diuretic effect without irritating the kidneys. Where there is a tendency toward kidney stones or gravel, brier hips are used as a preventive or arrestant. They are also recommended for kidney or bladder inflammation. By eliminating uric acid accumulations, brier hips also help in gouty and rheumatic complaints.

















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